About Choconina

The idea of creating beautiful handmade chocolates, exclusively with organic and natural ingredients, without additives, artificial aromas, etc., is what I am passionate about. Being able to please others with some of the world's best chocolate is my passion.

Since my childhood, I have been deeply impressed by pastry cakes and fine filled chocolates. The interest in chocolate and the creative has always followed me. However, I was convinced that my career should be in the financial sector, and so it was. Over the years, in my spare time, I have continued to create sweet cases, and slowly an idea began to take shape..

The chocolate has always had a special place in my heart, and I chose to further my skills, among other things I have taken a Chocolatier education, and several courses in Denmark and abroad.

The demand for my chocolates grew, and the kitchen table production could not keep up. The time had come to find suitable premises for a really professional chocolate workshop. Choconina is a reality for all chocolate lovers.

The best of nature's own treasury

Only the best and carefully selected raw materials find their way to our production, as far as possible fair trade and from local producers. The raw chocolate used is some of the world's finest, the wild cocoa beans Beniano from Bolivia, used to produce the exceptional and award-winning Oialla chocolate, developed by chef and chocolatier Rasmus Bo Bojesen. Another raw chocolate used is Kaoka, one of the world's first organic raw chocolate producers, with more than 20 years of dedicated work, creating amazing chocolates. Kaoka has plantations in the Dominican Republic, Sao Tome, Principe and Equador. Both producers are strongly committed to improving the conditions of the cocoa farmers, among others. through education and sustainable development in the countries where they have cocoa plantations.

Choconina is ecologically certified, our suppliers meet our requirements for 100% ecology, fair trade and no child labor. We want to support improving the conditions for the cocoa farmers and ensuring future production of quality cocoa. I work from a goal that only the best is good enough. To enjoy chocolate must be a sensuous and joyful experience, therefore I make great efforts to put together some unique flavor combinations that complement each other.


The selection varies during the seasons and the selection of raw materials.