Choco By Nature is delicious gourmet snacks, produced only by wholefoods, no addition of refined sugar, preservatives, artificial aromas, colours, or additives. All products is made by hand, with only the best ingrediens.

The thread in the products is chocolate and cocoa which contains a high level of antioxidants, pure gold from nature. The products contains wholegrain, nuts, kernals, seeds, dried fruits and berries, chocolate and cocoa in different variants.

We use natural sweeteners such as agave nectar and honey in limited amounts, we are convinced that a bit of pure natural sweeteners are much more healthy than artificial. Butter and rapeseed oil is also used for the taste and health benefits.  

With Choco By Natures productline, you can now enjoy tastefull gourmet snacks, gives satiety, is full of nutrition, and not just empty calories when the little hunger needs satisfaction, pre/after workout snack, a little goodie in the kids lunchbag, for your guests etc.

Snack Bites Date Cacao Coconut

Snack Bites

Irresistable, delicious and delicate snack bites, filled with dried fruits, nuts and chocolate.

4 Variants:


Date/Peanut/Cocoa nibs




Organic Cookies


Delicious cookies with wholegrain, enjoy them with a good cup of coffee/tea. 

3 Variants:




Organic granola


Tasteful granola, for your yogurt, smoothie bowl, fruit salad etc. Wholegrain and packed with nutrients.

3 Variants:

Apple/Cinnamonl/White Chocolate

Berries/Cocoa nibs -